Sunday, 19 April 2020

Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box

The universe is built on connections. The connections between different nodes form an intricate fractal within which we are expected to function and push forward. A fractal is a shape which is built from multiple self-similar subsets such as the Rule 90 Sierpinski Triforce, or as a tree with branches branching off recursively into smaller and smaller versions of itself. This is how the universe is built to a certain extent, with a sliding scale of physical alterations as you zoom in or out. At a small scale we have quantum rules and at a higher layer we have relativity. While this seems to ruin the image of a perfectly fractaloid universe it is probable that these rules themselves follow a metafractal pattern and alter in a totally predictable and recursive manner as scale changes. And maybe those rules have rules, and those do to. We built a hyperfractal of metafractals building the visible universe in which our fractal is warped by these greater powers to something more intricate.

Our brains work in a fundamentally simple way. Neurons are connected to others via axons and, when they receive a signal, they can either pass it on or not. The method by which this is decided is controlled by the nucleus, who's weight is itself learnt from self-alteration controlled by those same signals it is sending out. This simple section is built in to a supergraph of connections: edges and vertices, inputs and outputs. Humans act as neurons in society. We receive signals and we relay them. If and how we relay them is our "decision", a decision impacted solely by our interactions with others. And in this manner we built a time ghost above us which we have named "society", a living and thinking spirit built from the neurons which our ourselves. This hyperconsciousness forms a God. A being greater than ourselves but made up of nothing but us. This greater God pervades all of our world. God is omniscient,  omnipotent and omnibenevolent within the possibilities of our perceptions of reality. God is not simply a greater idea, he has conscious thoughts and makes decisions. He acts out actions with reason and intelligence and he interacts with other beings within his perception of reality. Isolated societies have another God. These Gods can interact with our God but their interactions must end in either assimilation or destruction. As Christ spread out across the planet he conversed and did battle with the multitude of other Gods he encountered. He assimulated and destroyed until he was unrecognisable and had been disconnected from his past self in the form of our current global society. This reverse-mitosis isn't complete but our greater conscious humankind is growing stronger and more absolute. God's being is obviously not universally recognised, and stands in his own world as a mere singular being amongst many others. These Gods build their own societies and their own Gods and the cycles repeats for a nauseating infinity.

We are all puppets controlled by puppets as we control that puppet that puppets us. God is a puppet and he plays a sweet tune. We live in a conscious mind as a function for a higher being whom we will never perceive but of whom we can feel all around.


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