Saturday, 30 November 2019


Welcome to The Psychoframe, my new blog. I am Iklone and I've been running various websites for almost a decade. I've also been in to Japanese otaku media for nearly all of that time too, with the recent prestigious title of reaching 10,000 episodes on MAL. I'm cool.

I didn't actually want to create a new website yet, but my old site's webhosting went up in price this year so I can't justify keeping her. I've relocated most of the posts that were there onto a storage blog so they aren't gone. You can view all of my currently surviving blogs on Blogger's aggregate here.

This blog's name is a reference to a technology present in the Gundam series. Built to augment the power of newtypes to enhance their range and communicative abilities. Based on on a technology not completely understood by anyone and with mysteriously dangerous properties that come to a head at the series' climax. The favicon is also meant to be Char's psychoframe, not that it looks like anything. Watch Gundam.

In terms of anime, I'm a fan of a wide-range of specific genres. Mecha and SoL are my main interests, although recently I've been getting into retro fantasy a lot. I try to highlight older shows in my posts, since anything older than 5 years gets forgotten in this fast-moving subculture. I do stay on top of my seasonal anime too, and my tastes can broadly be described with "4chan".

Here's my 3x3:

Just for my own interest and for posterity I've collated a timeline and brief overview of all my websites over the years:
  • iklonic (2011-2013(?) )
    • Lost to time sadly. Was primarily about my Scratch programming projects.
  • FoL (2012-2014)
    • Built for hosting my webcomic, Force of Lightning. It successfully ran for 12 pages until I gave up. I still have it and may re-up eventually. Also the birthplace of my first conworld/conreligion!
  • UEUO (2014-2016)
    • Not lost but not really worth hosting anywhere anymore. My first anime blog. A few of my reviews can still be read on my MAL. I don't remember what it stood for but I'm sure it was an acronym. It also played host to my webnovel: Spirit Knot and my screenplay: Tragedy of the Gourmet.
  • OFS (2016-2018)
    • Stands for Overly Friendly Squid. A blog for anime, travel and philosophy. Pretentious but very funny. Spawned such classics as Autism isn't real and my Train Station reviews.
  • OFS2 (2018-2019)
    • My recent anime blog. I've re-upped most posts to the Overtly Friendly Squid blogspot. Was originally a custom coded website that was very cool. Sadly I never posted too much on this one, despite it being the coolest looking.
  • The Psychoframe (2019-?)
    • My new blog. It's another anime blog this time focused on more analytical and meta ideas (hopefully). My only site to not be an acronym since the very first! You are here.



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