Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Happy Easter

A vision of divinity. A void split in half by a world of light and a world of dark. Seven warriors of light stand against a dark monster born from negligence and fear. Their souls shine as a beacon channeling the collective soul of man. Both parties are born from thought, both battling for form. The heroes stand for the good of all men, but all men must stand for them to give them strength. The seven warriors of light harbour the hero soul of legend. One that is born in equal and opposite to all forces of darkness. They do fight heroically but in vain, for their power is not real, but the power of that darkness that opposes them is. Their appeal to heaven does bring them God's final tool. The seven warriors of light, from one did they diffract do once again combine into one and form the hero soul of the universe. With this the people of the world are awed and look up to the heroes and say, "For what shall we live for if not for God? If not for ourselves?"

With this collective thought a great tremble crosses the land and sea. All men are now one and in unison they sing the songs of the ancients. Energy of all men, living and dead and yet to come, passes equally through them all. With that the Earth Mother is born. Her form eclipsing both the sun and the moon. She ascends to the void and does take the hero soul in her arms. A holy matrimony in heaven between the hero of light and the princess of mankind. United into one the world soul is born. It takes the form of a perfect tetrahedron of order, bounding an infinite kaleidoscopic maelstrom of chaos. The chaos pushes on it's walls, throwing itself against an all-resilient order. It swirls and mixes, and forms the body of a woman. Pure white skin hair flowing free. Her breasts bare and floating in an ocean of coloured thread. Initially curled into a ball, her limbs do unfold and reveal her face: one of uncorrupted beauty, a vision so sweet it drains the stars of their light. Her eyes shut and the threads from the chaotic storm skewer her eye-lids and sew them shut. Blinding her to knowledge and pain.

Her limbs spread until they are fully extended. Her body in the shape of a cross with legs down and arms out. The geometry surrounding her starts to spin. The whir of an ancient machine spurred on by the ever increasing speed and volume of the chants of mortal men. The tetrahedron spins with a ferocity that blurs it's shape into that of a sphere. Time starts to take shape as the beast of darkness rears it's head. The misshapen dark mass strikes with tendrils of serpentine fury, it shrieks in agony as time twists around it's body and the natural process of God starts it's work. Two great tendrils of smoke take form, and twist into a double helix. They pass through space and into the mind. Two snakes twisting for eternity into a black hole. They emerge and strike the World soul in the navel, splitting her body and consuming her womb. The bloody deeds of man spread out across the cosmos as divine entrails. Every sin of man laid bare and sent across the universe in a bloody super rainbow. The world soul smiles as her body dissolves, splitting into strips of human flesh.

As the snakes fade an orb of light appears in the centre of the sphere. At first a point, it soon grows in both size and brightness until it's light blinds all those mortals on Earth and their chanting does stop. The light destroys the vision of every man, but they chose to stay fast, staring at the son. In the orb sits a boy. His body invisible in the searing rays of his mother's dying force. All falls silent and the dark lord does cower as the young boy opens his eyes. Pure serenity falls and time ceases to be. The forces of the world pause and pay tribute to the boy, and space converges upon his being. His eyes now open he whispers a word of God: his name. And hence the apparition of evil did never exist, and the world fell into seven days of night, followed by seven nights of day and then five weeks and five days of rain. Once the rain ceases the world is sunk and all is saved.



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